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Ceramic Coating Applicator

Ceramic Coating Applicator

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The Mammoth Ceramic Coating Applicator is perfect for applying level coatings of ceramic coatings.

For ceramic coating best practice, it is best to use these applicators in conjunction with the Mammoth Suede Ceramic Coating Cloth. Simply wrap the suede cloth around the applicator to apply your ceramic coating.

It’s important not to waste any of your ceramic coating as they generally come in small bottles. The Mammoth Coating Applicator ensures there is no wastage by using non-absorbent foam. 

The top layer of the Coating Applicator is made of a dense, closed-cell foam that won’t absorb the coating, but will allow you to firmly grip the applicator in your hand, thanks to its rectangular design.

The bottom part of the applicator is also foam and is non-absorbent to keep the product on the surface of the foam to allow for a proper coating.

Dimensions: 10cm x 4.5cm x 3.5cm

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