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Softie Detailing Brush Big Softie

Softie Detailing Brush Big Softie

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Mammoth Softie Detailing Brushes are ultra-soft detailing brushes designed to be used on sensitive surfaces.

The Softie Brushes are ideal for light duty cleaning on surfaces you don’t want to risk scratching. The brushes feature a metal-free construction to ensure surfaces are safely cleaned. They work well on any surface that doesn’t require aggressive scrubbing.

These brushes are great for dusting and cleaning dashboards, navigation screens, vents, woodwork, gauges. They are also perfect for cleaning any sensitive badges / emblems.

The Little Softie measures 16cm in length and The Big Softie is 24cm in length.


-         After use, rinse thoroughly with clean water

-         Gently squeeze to remove excess water

-         Hang brush upside-down to dry between uses


-         Chemical resistant handle and ultra-soft bristles

-         Ergonomically designed handle with textured grip area

-         Metal-free construction to prevent scratching

-         Hanging hole for drying and storage after use

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